Sunday, March 27, 2016

March Madness

.....but not the basketball kind.

This is my first "non-makeup centered" blog, so as I begin to type, I am unsure of what route this post is going to take, but I am hopeful that it will be an inspiring one. With James Bay's album "Chaos and the Calm" playing in the background, I hardly think that the words coming from my fingers will be unmoving.....we will see.

March Madness was fun. I enjoyed watching my Alma Mater almost make it into the "Sweet Sixteen" after upsetting Michigan State and  "busting" everyone's March Madness brackets. Unfortunately, the MTSU takeover stopped when we were taken out by Syracuse. Reggie (our favorite Blue Raider) just couldn't overcome that Tyler Lydon kid....

For those of you who ultimately don't care about the basketball version of March Madness and IYO, a bracket looks like a task that only an electrical engineer could tackle, hopefully you will enjoy my take on March Madness. All of the items I'm going to talk about I consider underdogs in their game - much like MTSU was viewed in the basketball world.

March Madness Underdogs FTW (for the win)

Top Left - I picked this soap up a few weeks ago at the spring craft fair in my hometown of Lincoln County, Tennessee. I am a sucker for all things essential oils and charcoal, so this was a no brainer for me. Not to mention, it is handmade of all organic and natural materials, which is also something that I try to purchase when possible. This soap is charcoal activated and infused with lavender (AKA the of essential oils), rosemary, and tea tree oils. It smells heavenly and I have been using it on my face and body ever since I purchased it. Skip the overly marketed "game changers" of skin care and invest in some locally made, all-natural lovely-ness. My skin has been feeling great since I started using it. Good thing my instinct was to go ahead and buy two....

Top Middle - Do I even need to introduce this game-changer of a sandal? I remember my older cousin wearing Birkenstocks and socks back in the 90's when I was far too young for my mom to spend $135 dollars on a pair of shoes for me since I would outgrow them in a just a few months. The door opened for me to purchase a pair when they recently came back into style and I got my tax money (adulting rocks). I pretty much haven't taken these off my feet since I bought them except for on the few cold or rainy days we've had in March. My students probably think this is the only pair of sandals I own. And I wouldn't be sad if they were.

Top Right - The best moisturizer I have found thus far for my skin - Alba Botanica Hawaiian Oil Free Moisturizer. People tend to think that as an MUA I have the beauty and skincare game mastered, but this is very false as far as my own skin goes. I have had a difficult time finding a moisturizer that actually moisturizes and doesn't leave my skin feeling and looking like an oil slick (I have very oily skin). I have used this day and night since I bought it - and it doesn't hurt that this is an animal cruelty-free company that uses natural ingredients in their products which aren't totally and irrationally overpriced.

Bottom Left - When I decided to eat less dairy, the first thing I was bummed about was having to give up my Hazelnut Coffee-Mate dairy creamer. Thankfully, I discovered Califa Farms products in the organic foods section at Kroger. After trying their Vanilla, Hazelnut, and this Pecan Caramel flavor, this one is certainly my preferred flavor. I add a bit of coconut sugar to give it a little more pop of sweetness.

Bottom Middle - Lorac Lip Lustre Crème in "Lady In Waiting". I actually got this in a set of 6 on Hautelook. This is my personal favorite in the set as it gives just a hint of a pinky gloss finish when you're going for a more natural look. It looks great over most pink shades of lipstick as well and a little goes a long way. Lorac is also a cruelty-free company and I highly recommend ALL their products.

Bottom right - Thinking about trying out the white nail polish trend? So was I. This polish by Essie is called "Marshmallow" and it's what I would call a "white polish beginner's" polish. Essie's highly marketed front-runner "Blanc" is for more advanced white polishers - as it is very white and will show any single error, which could cause high levels of frustration, especially for the perfectionist! Marshmallow is fairly sheer and glossy which is easier to fix when mess ups occur. It does, however, need at least three coats if you want a pretty white look. After a few more paintings with Marshmallow, I think I will move on up to the next round of the playoffs and try "Blanc"!

How's that for March Madness?

Happy Easter, y'all. #bunnyup


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