Saturday, May 14, 2016

Maypril Moments


A month of many changes, realizations, and inspirations for me. As I begin to write about a couple of my favorite things from the past two months, I'm not totally focused on them. Amongst the "things", my mind is also filled with so many irreplaceable small moments. Moments of change, realization, and inspiration that I have experienced as a result of the network of people that I have surrounded myself with (the best network I could ever ask for, IMO). I've been inspired by my friends, amazing students, makeup clients, and family in more ways than one recently. My takeaways? Always stay true to yourself - no matter the hurdles you have to jump to do so. Never hold yourself back because something seems easier to just settle for than to deal with and overcome.

Although moments are the most important things in life, I do have some super awesome products and things to share that I absolutely love! Things have important roles in our lives, too - the right things can enhance our happiness just like moments can.

1. Date Equations - a true experience of learning from repeated mistakes and countless failures.

There isn't much that I love more than watching my students learn and grow over the course of a school year - physically, emotionally, and academically. At the beginning of each year, I introduce date equations. They look at me like I just told them that they are going to be doing eleventh grade geometry.....and they look at me like that for about a week as I'm teaching them how to create an equation from the date. Eventually, after tons of examples, effort, and erasing - it happens....the MOMENT! The moment that it clicks with a student and he conquers the challenge. There's nothing that can replace that moment in a teacher's heart. 

By the end of the year, they are coming up with equations like this - equations well beyond their expected mastery of fifth grade standards. When I ask what they will miss the most about math class, 75% of them always respond with "date equations". 


2. Morphe E3 Makeup Brush - my soulmate of blush brushes.

I finally found "The One". If you're like know what's it's like to try out brush after brush for certain things and none of them seem to satisfy. I have been freelancing for two years now, and the entire time I've been waiting for that one blush brush that I can't live without. Believe it or not, I don't purchase new makeup products constantly. I typically only purchase when I need to replenish products. Every couple of months, I will buy new things to try out. 

After watching Jaclyn Hill's "Favorite Makeup Brushes" video, I decided I needed the E3 brush (and a few others not mentioned in this blog). It's from the Morphe Elite Collection and it's worth every dollar you'll spend on it - and it's less than $20! It's perfect for blush or powder application and it feels amazing - I knew it was "The One" the moment it touched my cheek! The description underneath the product is spot-on: "a super full brush that evenly distributes powder for a light and airy skin finish". A friend of mine (who is a boy) touched it and said that it feels like rabbit fur - but luckily it's not! It's synthetic, so it is cruelty free, which makes me even happier to use it. Learn more about the differences in synthetic and natural brushes here.

Morphe E3 Brush

3. St. Lucia: Matter - the album that makes you feel like it's the 80's. 

Every year when the Bonnaroo lineup is announced, I make sure to check out some of the bands I haven't heard of for several months so that I can appropriately prioritize who I see once I'm on the farm. St. Lucia turned into a must-see as soon as I pressed play on this album. The 80's has always been way up there on my list of beloved decades of music (amongst other things about the decade, of course - who else watches "I Love the 80's" every time it comes on VH1?). If you're looking for some new, upbeat music to listen to with your windows down this summer, download this album. Pop on your plastic neon sunglasses and enjoy the moment!

Special shout-out to Nitta for letting me do her makeup THREE times in Maypril! 

Now, bring on the Junely moments......


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