Saturday, September 24, 2016


Currently being inspired by: "My Name Is Human" by Highly Suspect.
I write blogs to songs. This song has been inspiring me for a couple of weeks now.
Lyric references throughout - I hope you enjoy.

"How did I get so fortunate to be where I am?"

This is a question I ask myself daily. I am constantly surrounded by inspirers and people open to being inspired. This is something I will be forever in debt to the universe and higher beings for.

"I'm feelin' the way that I'm feelin' myself.....* everyone else. Gotta remember that nobody's better than anyone else here."

I turned thirty a month ago....

Twenty year-old me would have scoffed at the thought of thirty year-old me - a person who has never owned a home, never been married, never had any children. Twenty year-old me would have said, "what is wrong with you?" Twenty year-old me would have considered thirty year-old me a failure. Twenty year-old me was clueless. Twenty year-old me thought she had an open mind, and probably did more so than some, but really was still stuck in the small town mindset that there were certain things that should be done by the time she was thirty.

I am here today, as thirty year-old me, saying that I am glad none of those things happened while I was in my twenties.
I spent ten years discovering, embracing, and strengthening who I am as an individual human being. I know myself. I love myself.  

"Get up off your knees girl, stand face to face with your God. Find out what you are."

Thirty year-old me reflects on her twenties....

Here are the words that come to mind:
hard work
building a network

I became a teacher. I became a makeup artist. I became someone who people trust.

"I'm up off my knees, girl. I'm face to face with myself. I know who I am. Hello, my name is human."

Thirty year-old me knows who she is:

"I'm ready for love and I'm ready for war. But I'm ready for more. I know that nobody's ever been this * ready before."

I am ready for whatever is next.

I will surround myself with people who inspire and support me.
People who lift me up and want to be lifted up by me.
People who are open-minded and loving.
People who want more out of life.
People who want to experience things and places with me.
People who push me forward and not backward.
People who want to live life being who they really are - people who don't try to fit the mold, but instead try to create their own mold.
I will spend my thirties loving and accepting everyone - even people unlike me.
I will be empathetic.
I will lift up.
I will push people to be the best version of themselves through my example.

"I stole the power from the sun, I'm more than just a man. No longer disillusioned."

Here are some of my recent inspirers and why.....

This is one of my former students who is now a freshman in high school. She is not afraid to be herself. And she made this incredibly creative jacket.
INSPIRATION LEVEL - through the roof

This is one of my truly amazing friends, Gina. She recently opened her heart up to the world by starting a blog about living a positive, fulfilling life.
INSPIRATION LEVEL - to the stars

My friend, Amy (yes this is me in the photos, but the shirts are her work) - who is one of the most talented and creative people I know.
Check out her work: Southern Fried Design Barn

This is my favorite human being ever, biggest fan, and partner in crime, Dakota. He recently decided to learn how to play bass and hasn't stopped being dedicated to it for one second since he started.

On another note  - here is some makeup work I've done over the past few months.

I have worked with some totally amazing people!

Photo by: Nicola Harger
Styled by: Elizabeth Wright
Florals: Cottonwood Floral
Venue: Meadow Hill Farm
Other vendors involved include: The White Room, Over the Top Linens, Darby Cards, Triple Crown Bakery, Nashville Event Draping
Model: Ashley

This shoot was also featured on The Southeastern Bride Blog.

Photo by: John Myers Photography
Bride: Jen Wallach
Wedding Location: The Cordelle

Photo by: Amilia Photography
Styled by: Elizabeth Wright
Venue: Front Porch Farms
Model: Anna Claire
Other vendors involved include: Street Tuxedo, Happy Tines, The Dress Theory, Rue De Seine Bridal 



Musical Inspiration: Highly Suspect

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